I love 傘. Sasuke boob. Sailor Moon :3.
I wish to be happy
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 fighting dreamers!

Anonymous said:
what happened between you two if you dont mind me asking?

he had anger issues and he broke it off in fear of hurting me and because i told him wish you would care more…

“I’m used to it”
The saddest thing you can hear someone say. (via suckingonlarry)


Beautiful cherry blossoms along the Nakameguro River in Tokyo. Sakura are in full bloom in Tokyo right now - was so nice to stroll along the river this week and see everyone having a good time. More videos on the Tokyo Fashion YouTube Channel.

Anonymous said:
Just curious but how long were you and your most recent boyfriend together for? And how long since the break up? You still seem so sad ;(

we were together almost a year…we broke up back in october…yes it still hurts. i gave and did so much for someone but still treated me like crap. just trying to fill that emptiness lately but running into bad luck.

I know it's hard but just know there's someone out there for everyone! Remember to love yourself and be patient. Sending my love and best wishes for you. xx

i hope so! patiently waits…

thank you xoxo

jaeideun said:
You deserve a guy who would move a mountain for you if he have to. :) Things will always be okay eventually! Stay strong :)

i will gracias cute icon ;) hehe.

I'm sorry to hear life's got you down. Just remember that a rainbow follows the rain - not the other way around. You just haven't met the right people yet. Keep smiling and do your thing. Life will be good to you - it just takes time :)

thank you ^_^/