Anonymous asked: Heh yeah. It kinda sucks as a guy I can't publicly claim to like Sailor Moon for fear of being ridiculed. I remember back in middle school when the English dub original SM aired on tv many years ago, I had 1 other guy friend I talked about Sailor Moon with (along with Dragon Ball Z). Of course we talked quietly amongst ourselves about it lol. And yes we're both asian.

yoooooo who cares what other people think enjoy sailor moon publicly

Anonymous asked: Haha yeah. I was surprised too hearing Zoisite in SMC be a guy, and reading up on it. What's your take on the censorship in the original English dub SM? Zoisite being changed to female to make the Malachite x Zoisite a hetero relationship instead of homo. Haruka (Uranus) and Michiru (Neptune) made to be only best friends, instead of in a lesbian relationship in the Japanese original. If SMC gets dubbed, would you hope it gets released uncensored, or changed to mimic the English dub original SM?

IDK T___T i don’t look into sailor moon that deeply i just like uranus and neptune as a couple and zoisite idk…i just hope it’s uncensored and sticks to original manga..

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Anonymous asked: Do you know any guys irl that likes watching (or reading the manga) Sailor Moon? If a hot asian guy likes the show, and was totally straight mind you. Would you think of him as any less of a man? Or would you be all for it that he likes Sailor Moon?

NO WAY if you’re a guy and like sailor moon bonus points but i know some guys are dicks and will make fun of them for not being “masculine” bullshit don’t worry about it do you man ..honestly that’s like my ideal a guy who likes SM *_*

Anonymous asked: With you being all into Sailor Moon Crystal, and I'm sure you've seen the original Sailor Moon (English dub most likely, unless you've seen the Japanese original as well). What was your reaction to hearing Japanese Zoisite's voice in SMC being a male? And if you haven't seen the original in Japanese, your reaction at the thought of all those Zoisite x Malachite scenes had Zoisite supposed to be a guy, not censored to be a girl in the English dub?

OH GOSH ZOISITE…hmmm i’m indifferent i didnt look that deep into it i was just surprised that she was a guy in SMC since the dub was a girl and just didn’t care lol…and uhhh i didn’t watch sailor moon japanese sub only the star light season…

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The graffiti wall on the side of the famous Nadia Harajuku boutique. So many tourists take pictures in front of this ever-changing wall. This is what it looks like in August, 2014.

Maiko by allanjpn on Flickr.


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