I love 傘. Sasuke boob. Sailor Moon :3.
I wish to be happy
Bollywood ~*0*~ CPOP

 fighting dreamers!

so i’m watching Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty mv..and omfg. lol. I think this is the video/anthem to all the weeaboos everywhere. I’m not asian ( yea yea) but i would never ever “cultural appropriate” someones culture how all these WHITE stars (happy now) have been doing. NOT just asian culture…egyptian…indian….even black culture.

fyi Japan isn’t kawaii nation -_-

idgaf avril is canadian she still became famous because american media. 

Naruto 674

omfffg GASP did madara really touch kakashi though e_____e;;;;; omfgggg naruto and sasuke though ;A;/